When nature and technology come together to create beauty. With more than 60 years of experience in the sector, together with its innovative nature, Tarimatec is an ideal partner to be able to count on a quality product, 100% recyclable and with a high degree of sustainability.

Tarimatec has a grooved and brushed finish, the anti-slip grooves guarantee your safety and comfort. Tamimatec has a thickness of 27mm and a useful width of 150mm. They are joined invisibly with stainless steel fixing clips that generate a fixed 4mm gap between the boards. To complement the finish, the system includes a 177 mm high and 10 mm thick finish. Tarimatec has a start profile and aluminum battens for a correct installation of the product.

  • Resistance to impact and abrasion.
  • High resistance to fire.
  • Excellent mechanical properties.
  • High resistance to humidity, cold and sun.
  • Protected against pool chlorine.
  • Does not crack, splinter or flake.
  • Does not require additional treatments.
  • Unalterable against insects and bacteria.
  • 100% recyclable / Eco-sustainable
  • Great durability.
  • Anti-slip surface.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Wide range of colors and choice of colors on demand.
  • Possibility of cut to measure.
  • National manufacturing
  • High scratch resistance. Do not scratch as much as those made of polyethylene and polypropylene.
  • Manufactured with PVC, material suitable for construction, with greater density and resistance to the weather.

Plasticwood®, the material used to manufacture Tarimatec®, only incorporates 20% of its composition, so its carbon footprint is minimal and it is very respectful with the environment. There may be slight variations in color and surface finish giving the stage a more natural finish. After a few months, the colors experience a light clarification, giving more uniformity to the color and remaining stable.


  • Tecno: Finishing slotted and brushed. It offers an architecturally advanced appearance.
  • Nature: Smooth brushed finish. It conveys a feeling of warmth and naturalness.
WOODEN EFFECT.  Tarimatec® has developed a novel range of wood effect flooring. Ideal for any type of decoration.  
ETHNIC COLLECTION.  Ethnic is our new collection. It will be available in four colors with the exclusive SURCO finish.  
  MIX & FUN.  Ethnic is our new collection. It will be available in four colors with the exclusive SURCO finish.   VERTICAL COATING.  The Tarimatec® family grows with the appearance of VERTICAL; five new and different profiles to solve any vertical finish: from facades to fences, through lattices or visual screens. VERTICAL invites our clients to look for new and different.

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