A wooden floor is a timeless classic: elegant, warm, unique. In Grato Parquet they combine all the knowledge of craftsmanship with the most advanced technology, to personalize the parquet, with all the qualities and beauty of the natural wood of French oak. Grato floors are made with French oak, renowned for its beauty, its durability and the forest quality of the farms, which in that country is carried out with criteria of sustainability since the seventeenth century. The wood from these mountains is homogeneous and reaches large dimensions, suitable for the production of Grato soils.

In Grato we have combined crafts and advanced technology to offer you the maximum degree of personalization in parquets, highlighting all the beauty of natural wood. Our parquets are made with two compositions, two-layer or three-layer that provide great dimensional stability, avoiding deformations and curling even in the largest formats.

THE ESSENTIALS: based on peace and harmony, has an attractive decorative style that brings peace and quiet to the rooms.

MODERN JEWELS: stands out especially in avant-garde environments due to the contrast between the uniformity of its surface and its accentuated veins.
  • MODERN JEWELS Collection
WARM HEARTS: The heat treatment provides the wood with characteristics, color and appearance that resemble tropical woods and also significantly improve some of its properties such as durability and resistance to moisture.
  • WARM HEARTS Collection
CRAFT: All the artisan flavor of the craft of wood is collected in Craft where colors and textures are combined.
  • CRAFT ARTISAN Collection
  • CRAFT OLD Collection
  • CARPENTER Collection
  • HERITAGE Collection

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