Synthetic & Wooden floors maintenance

The Luxe of Wood on March 21, 2018


Wood being a natural material, requires special treatment in its maintenance, cleaning and treatment. Its sensitivity to changes in temperature, humidity and scratches mean that we have to take care of it. That is why we are going to give you a couple of tips for a good maintenance and care of your wooden floor so that it lasts for many years.

Some simple steps to follow in the day to day:

  • Place a carpet on the outside of the entrance of the house and another inside, to prevent the shoes of your guests from damaging your floor with mud, grit or pebbles embedded in their shoes. For the tenants of the home it is better to take off the shoes, and to leave some slippers or clean shoes in the entrance, in this way we assure not to damage the floor.
  • Protect furniture, tables, chairs with protectors so that when they move they can not scratch or hit the wood. It is only necessary those who move.
  • Clean the floor daily, it is enough to pass a mop or a dry cloth on the surface in this way to avoid accumulation of dust and dirt, and avoid having to use a vacuum cleaner (which can damage the sheets with wheels) or a mop “wet”, if it is not well drained can filter water in our soil and cause the wood to swell.
  • Avoid the use of cleaning products that contain wax or acids.
  • Scrub the soil once a week with a splash of vinegar in the bucket of water to make it shine. You can also polish it with a cloth sprinkled with oil, every three or four
  • Avoid humid or excessively dry environments, if it is appropriate to install a humidifier from the environment.
  • Clean quickly the stains that are caused by the wood, to avoid that they are embedded in it and its removal is easier. Always with a well wrung cloth.



Synthetic floors.  

In this case it is much easier to clean this type of floor, being a hermetic surface prevents dirt and dust from accumulating between the parts, resistant to abrasion, bumps and chafing, it does not have much secret its good maintenance.

  • Clean daily or every two days with the vacuum cleaner, broom or mop.
  • Use a damp cloth to clean any punctual spots that may be caused.
  • Running a “wet” mop every week or ten days is enough to keep your synthetic floor clean.
  • Protect furniture, tables, chairs with protectors for when they move can not grate or hit the wood, everything that is more resistant than wood is convenient.
  • Place a doormat in the entrance, to avoid the entry of dust, dirt and pebbles that may be in the shoes.
  • You should not use solvents or aggressive products for cleaning.
  • Control the humidity of the environment, and do not expose too much time to important heat source.


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